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Don't Miss the Opportunity: Participate in Soarchain's Exciting Airdrop!

Soarchain stands out with its revolutionary layer-1 mobility-based DePIN, poised to reshape the crypto industry. As we gear up for the mainnet, we're thrilled to announce that the opportunity to participate in Soarchain's airdrop is still open!

This is your chance to be part of a pioneering movement that merges the digital and physical realms, offering tangible, real-world applications of blockchain technology.

Why Join Soarchain's Airdrop?

Soarchain is creating a unified platform that connects the mobility sector's various stakeholders. From OEMs to drivers and pedestrians, Soarchain facilitates a cohesive ecosystem where data and resources can be shared seamlessly. One of the most innovative aspects of Soarchain is its ability to leverage the vast amounts of data generated by vehicles, utilizing this in a decentralized manner to develop applications that serve real-world needs.

The $MOTUS Airdrop: Your Gateway to Innovation

To bring this ambitious vision to life, Soarchain is airdropping its native token, $MOTUS. A total of 2.5% (47,500,000 $MOTUS) of the overall supply is dedicated to the airdrop, inviting users to access and benefit from real-world applications. This token is not just a currency within the Soarchain network; it's a key to unlocking the potential of blockchain in our everyday lives.

How to Participate?

The airdrop emphasizes Soarchain's commitment to building a vibrant community that contributes to the future of blockchain and mobility. Whether you're an OG supporter, interested in the technological advancements of DePIN, or keen on testing Soarchain's features through the Motus Mini, there's a place for you in this airdrop.

To participate as a testnet user, Motus mini is required. Order your Motus mini now:

Testnet tokens ($TMOTUS) are rewarded when you connect the Motus Mini to your car's OBD2 port and share the data. The testnet tokens will be converted to the $MOTUS tokens at a ratio which depends on the total rewards generated during testnet, proportional to the 40% allocation.

Act Now!

This is a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology into the mobility sector. The Soarchain airdrop represents not just a chance to gain tokens, but to be part of a transformative project at the intersection of two dynamic industries.

Stay informed and connected by following us on our social media platforms, and join the Soarchain community today.

The future of mobility and blockchain awaits, and it begins with Soarchain.

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