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Soarchain Protocol expansion: Integrating Celestia with Rollchain - Version 0.1.0

Empowering Mobility with DEPIN Data: Soarchain's Integration with Celestia's DA Layer

Soarchain is proud to announce its innovative integration with Celestia's Data Availability (DA) layer. Leveraging Celestia's Data Availability (DA) layer, the Soarchain protocol aims to revolutionize access to decentralized sensor data for real-world applications. With an existing network of over 5,000 vehicles—a figure poised for growth following the Soarchain Mini evaluations—Soarchain is at the forefront of harnessing DEPIN data's vast potential. This collaboration underscores our substantial contributions to the decentralized framework, showcasing not just the generation of pivotal DEPIN data but also its swift adoption in real-world applications. The introduction of a new rollup module further amplifies this advancement, designed to enhance the integration by powering rollups with DEPIN data, thus offering developers unparalleled access to decentralized networks. This initiative paves the way for unprecedented innovation and application development within the mobility ecosystem, embodying Soarchain's vision for a connected and innovative future.

Rollup module

To make this data available and usable by future possible implementations in rollups we have decided to fork and use a rollup module developed by Rollchains(). The Soarchain protocol, through its integration of the rollchain module, is equipped to interface with Celestia's Data Availability (DA) layer. This strategic implementation positions Soarchain to leverage the expanding rollup ecosystem and enhances its interoperability capabilities with Celestia. 

Why are we enabling Celestia data posting? 

As a DEPIN, Soarchain is creating valuable sensor data to be used in real world applications. When we start to post data to Celestia, all Celestia rollups can start using DEPIN data, and create valued dApps. Moreover, Soarchain aims to improve its security. The history of Soarchain block data + future sensor data will be available and forever secured by the Celestia validator set.  

Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of enabling cars as light clients for the DA layer of Celestia; every car can verify availability of their DEPIN data as light clients in the future, and give us a chance to scale up our layer-2 solutions. 

Which data will be posted? 

Initially, we'll commence by posting our block headers, with plans to subsequently upgrade this module to directly post sensor data using our layer-2 scaling networks Runners. Upon the availability of Soarchain data on the Celestia blockchain, it facilitates all connected rollups to seamlessly access this data in a permissionless manner, guaranteeing both censorship resistance and dependability. Consequently, Celestia rollups seeking to obtain particular data, including details of challenge transactions, Soarchain information, or user data, can effortlessly achieve this. 

Technical Analysis

Sequence diagram:

Data Flow

Future directions 

We aim to construct a self-authenticating DEPIN network, where every message originating from Soarchain devices carries a signature certified by secure hardware. Our strategy involves developing specialized light clients within our Soarchain-mobile-app that will validate these signatures, thereby enhancing the scalability of our layer-2 network. Additionally, we intend to equip modified Tendermint light clients with sophisticated machine learning models. These models will be tasked with ensuring the integrity of the DEPIN data stored within Celestia's Data Availability layer, thereby fortifying the trustworthiness and reliability of our decentralized network.

Final thoughts 

Modularity for scaling up the Soarchain protocol is crucial, since real-time sensor data is hard to store and verify in a decentralized manner. By starting to post data to Celestia, we are aiming to join the Celestia ecosystem with our extraordinary DEPIN data, and verify them in a decentralized network in a scale way. 


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