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Soarchain Unveils a New Path for Connecting Your Car and Earning Rewards!

In the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology and automotive connectivity, Soarchain is proud to announce a thrilling opportunity for car owners. With our vision of embracing a wide array of car brands for direct integration into the Soarchain network, we're introducing an early bird chance for you to get on board: vehicle pre-registration.

This initiative is not just about adding your car to the network; it's a critical move to ensure you're at the forefront when your car's brand becomes compatible with Soarchain. For vehicles equipped with connected car capabilities and an API module for app-based integration, pre-registration means you're setting yourself up for an exclusive airdrop, reserved for the pioneers of OEM-connected cars on our platform.

Why Pre-Register?

Pre-registration is your early access pass to the future of car connectivity with Soarchain. Whether you own a BMW, Ford, Toyota, or are looking forward to more brands joining the roster, pre-registering your vehicle ensures you don't miss out on:

Airdrop Eligibility: Your foresight in pre-registering not only prepares your vehicle for seamless integration but also qualifies you for a special airdrop, rewarding your early commitment to our network's expansion.

Direct Integration: By pre-registering, you're taking the first step towards integrating your vehicle directly into Soarchain, leveraging the power of blockchain technology to connect and earn without the need for a Motus Mini.

How to Jump on Board?

Joining this exciting venture is straightforward. All it takes is downloading the Motus Connect & Drive app and following the simple steps to pre-register your car from the Settings screen. This proactive approach ensures that as soon as your car's brand is supported, you're already in line for integration and rewards.

Be Part of the Revolution

The integration of automotive technology with blockchain is on the horizon, and Soarchain is leading the charge. Don't let this chance to be part of something groundbreaking pass you by. For more insights into the airdrop process and future plans for OEM connectivity, stay tuned to our updates.

Dive into the future today by downloading the Motus Connect & Drive app, pre-register your vehicle, and mark your spot in the advent of OEM-connected cars on the Soarchain network.

Together, let's drive towards innovation and rewards.

3 commentaires

ZA Borzecki
ZA Borzecki
02 avr.

You have only 3 brands for pre-register, whats about the other?


annabelle nachberger
annabelle nachberger
25 mars

Will Cupra also be added as brend?


Zafer Akdemir
Zafer Akdemir
14 mars

Will Audi also be added as brand ?

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