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Soarchain's Big Launch: $MOTUS Airdrop in the Exciting World of DePIN

Soarchain mainnet, which is expected to be launched by the end of first quarter of 2024 is set to revolutionize the crypto industry with the very first layer-1 mobility-based DePIN.

DePIN represents a significant leap in bridging the gap between the traditional world and the rapidly evolving realm of cryptocurrency. Its importance lies in its potential to attract non-crypto enthusiasts by offering tangible, real-world applications of blockchain technology. Soarchain offers practical solutions and benefits that are easily understandable and relatable to the general public. It addresses two major challenges:

Creating a Unified Platform: Soarchain is revolutionizing by connecting various stakeholders in the mobility sector – including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), public transportation systems, infrastructure developers, drivers and pedestrians. This integration promotes a more cohesive and efficient mobility ecosystem, where data and resources can be shared seamlessly.

Leveraging Vehicle-Generated Data: One of the most innovative aspects of Soarchain is its ability to harness the vast amounts of data generated by vehicles. By utilizing this data in a decentralized manner, Soarchain can develop useful applications that serve real-world needs. This could range from optimizing traffic flows leveraging AI and ML to enhancing safety features and improving vehicles by maintenance. By doing so, it aims to become the AppStore of mobility. 

To bring this vision to life, Soarchain is airdropping its native token, $MOTUS. A total of 2.5% (47,500,000 $MOTUS) of the overall supply is dedicated to the airdrop. This token opens the door for users to access and benefit from real-world applications, promoting genuine adoption of cryptocurrency in everyday use. The biggest portion (40%) of the airdrop would be given to the Testnet Users, we strongly encourage everyone interested in the future of blockchain and mobility to become a part of this crucial phase.

The categories are as follows:









Early community

Soarchain OGs + Zealy


OEM connections

Testnet Users 

Motus mini


Testnet Validators 


ATOM has been instrumental in creating the backbone of the Cosmos Ecosystem. From IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication), ICS (Interchain Security) and many prominent chains to hackathons and events like Cosmoverse. Soarchain recognizes and appreciates the foundational role that ATOM has played in the development and growth of the Cosmos Ecosystem.


Celestia is pioneering the modular blockchain architecture, a breakthrough in scaling blockchains by splitting traditional blockchain functionalities into distinct layers. This architecture allows for more scalability as it grows with the user base. The structure facilitates the easy deployment of independent blockchains with minimal overhead. 

This modular design aligns closely with Soarchain's strategy. Soarchain, through Runners, a layer-2 rollup-like system, also scales more with an increasing number of users. The parallel in design between Celestia and Soarchain highlights their shared commitment to developing scalable and innovative blockchain ecosystems.


The significance of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) in projects like Akash, which offers unique features like decentralized cloud computing. It utilizes blockchain technology to provide cost-effective, scalable, and secure cloud computing resources, harnessing idle computing resources globally and also providing AI supercloud, which is a powerful cloud computing platform optimized for artificial intelligence and machine learning tasks.

Soarchain aligns with these innovations the most, as the first Layer-1 DePIN, functioning as an infrastructural layer for mobility. Also, integration with AI enables Soarchain to leverage vehicle data for numerous applications like, real time road condition monitoring, optimizing energy consumption and many more, demonstrating a parallel in advancing the blockchain's utility in everyday life.

Early Community

The early community members are the foundation of any project. Recognizing Soarchain OGs and Zealy members showcasing their early belief and support in the project which has been crucial for its development and growth. 


Vehicle owners are central to Soarchain's vision, as they are the primary source of the real-time mobility data that drives the platform's functionality. Recognizing this, Soarchain aims to promote adoption among vehicle owners by integrating APIs from various car manufacturers. By directly involving vehicle owners, Soarchain welcomes mobility users from any ecosystem. 

Testnet Users

Testnet users, especially those engaging with Motus mini are playing a significant role in testing and providing feedback on Soarchain's features.The contribution is deeply appreciated, as it ensures the platform's readiness and effectiveness for broader use.

To participate as a testnet user, Motus mini is required. Testnet tokens ($TMOTUS) are rewarded when you connect the Motus Mini to your car's OBD2 port and share the data. The testnet tokens will be converted to the $MOTUS tokens at a ratio which depends on the total rewards generated during testnet, proportional to the 40% allocation.


Validators play a critical role in maintaining the integrity and security of the blockchain network. Recognizing testnet validators highlights their contribution to keeping Soarchain's network robust and reliable.

A comprehensive outline for the eligibility criteria and the allocation process for the airdrop will be published in the future. 

For the latest updates and information, follow us on our social media platforms and stay connected with the Soarchain community.

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