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Soarchain - Runner Drop

Overview of Runners

Runner Nodes are specialized nodes within the Soarchain network that employ a layer-2 scaling solution that handles a significant portion of data processing tasks like a decentralized sequencer. They serve two main functions:

Scalability - Their primary purpose is to offload work from the main blockchain by data management, collecting public keys, forming Merkle trees and sending the summaries to the main blockchain. This addresses scalability issues by reducing the load and congestion on the primary network. This setup allows Soarchain to handle an increased volume of transactions and data without a proportional increase in network load.

Verification - Runners also verify the highly mobile data. It uses basic preliminary anomaly detection algorithms to check the integrity, plausibility and authenticity of the data and introduces a scoring mechanism to punish a malicious provider. 

Eligibility Criteria

The operation of Runners is open to everyone, allowing anyone to set up and run a Runner node. Participation relies on maintaining high operational scores, achieved through honest and correct node operation. This openness ensures widespread and inclusive participation, enhancing the network's decentralization and robustness.





Follow the instructions below

5,700,000 SOAR

100 SOAR per participant

In batches 

Criteria - To participate in the Runner Drop, users will have to send a minute transaction of 0.03 TSOAR/SOAR to the Runner Drop address soar1e885q0rvvh84gd4gkvcw0qpd7cldavkfakjqty and send the public wallet address to the Zealy Quest

Follow these steps to participate:

Download the Soarchain Connect app - iOS / Android

Create a Soarchain wallet

  • You will be provided with 24 seed words which will serve as your wallet password key.

  • It is very crucial that you correctly and securely write down these 24 words.It is essential that you record these 24 seed words in a secure location and ensure they are not lost.

  • Under no circumstances should you share these 24 seed words with anyone, including the Soarchain team.

  • If you lose these 24 words, you will be unable to access your account or your Soarchain Mini forever.

  • Soarchain team has no access to your wallet and will not recover these words!

Download Keplr wallet Chrome extension

Import existing Soarchain wallet to Keplr

  • Open the Keplr extension.

  • Select Import Existing Wallet.

  • Choose "24 words wallet."

  • Enter your 24-word Soar wallet seed phrase.

Complete wallet creation

  • Give your wallet a name.

  • Set up a password.

Add Soarchain to Keplr wallet

  • Go to this link.

  • Click on Add Soarchain to Keplr Wallet.

  • Select Approve.

Select Keplr wallet in Soarchain explorer.

  • On the same Explorer page, click the wallet symbol in the top right corner.

  • Select Keplr Wallet.

Now on the Runner page of the Explorer Click “Send the Transaction"

Copy the Soarchain wallet public address and enter it in Zealy Quest

Allocation - 5,700,000 SOAR is dedicated to the Runner Drop from the Surprise Chain allocation mentioned in the Soarchain Genesis Drop blog. 

Distribution - Depending upon the number of participants, the distribution will be organized in batches and would be executed on a first-come, first-served basis. Each batch would be announced on the Soarchain socials.

Social Media 

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Patric Wickli
Patric Wickli
May 22

So, am I right in assuming I can't claim it, as I don't have any social media at all and therefor can't access the quest? That sounds ridiculous

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