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Incentivized physical mobility network for next gen driving

For the last two years, Soar Robotics has been working on a very innovative connectivity technology that will reshape how we travel.

The future of automotive Right now, automotive companies like Maruti, Suzuki to name a few are using our technology and working on implementing it for their upcoming vehicles. As we mature our product, we realize that incredible opportunities are missed due to the lack of a reliable and effective communication layer for vehicles.

Potential benefits of connected network With a connected network of vehicles, we can prevent hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths from traffic accidents and reduce immense amounts of direct and indirect carbon emissions. We can unlock the business potential of novel revenue streams in the mobility space and a vast application ecosystem utilizing vehicle-generated data.

Current challenges However, inside the fragmented ecosystem of manufacturers, each trying to implement their standards, it is impossible to create a unified, transparent, and scalable network for all mobility members. The current approaches lack end users’ needs and potential contributions. These factors limit life-saving and game-changing scaling, which we already have and are ready to scale.

But we have a new innovative solution to scale the technology by making people own the network.

So we created a token incentivized physical mobility network called Soarchain.

Soarchain is a decentralized cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) network where cars, pedestrians, two-wheelers, aerial vehicles, and infrastructures are connected on a crypto-economic platform.

What is the next gen driving experience? This platform enables vehicles to anonymously and privately contribute to the vehicle network while maximizing their benefits by utilizing the applications that run on the network — and getting rewarded simultaneously. Through our open-source hardware and software, we provide a new network where vehicles directly talk to each other through cellular technologies.

Soarchain By connecting members with C-V2X technology, we provide a whole new application ecosystem that will benefit every member of the mobility space. According to the McKinsey Center for the future of mobility, connected vehicle applications will deliver $400 Billion in value. These decentralized applications range from safety and emergency applications such as vulnerable road user detection and collision risk warning to service applications such as pay-as-you-drive insurance, vehicle diagnostics, and fleet operations.

As cars become more intelligent and more sensor-oriented, the data they generate is increasing. This data is valuable for both in-vehicle systems and external applications. These software-based vehicles need a trusted and scalable platform to use and share their data. Could you suppose this relevant vehicle information securely and quickly reaches the right places? In that case, we can create new novel revenue streams in the mobility space.

A decentralized, trustless, people-owned mobility network is necessary to achieve these goals. We envision a network where app developers, original equipment manufacturers, and end users can work collaboratively to create intelligent and connected cities and build the future of mobility.

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