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Enhancing Mobility: Soarchain's Journey Through Staking


Greetings to our Soarchain community! Today, we're exploring a critical milestone in the Soarchain ecosystem that marks a significant mark in our journey: the introduction of staking on the Soarchain network. This update is an important milestone for our network's security, user empowerment, and the broader vision of decentralized mobility.

Understanding Staking:

In the blockchain realm, staking is the act of holding and committing your tokens to support network operations, similar to investing in the future of the platform. It's a win-win, enhancing network security and stability while rewarding users for their contribution. For Soarchain, staking is a foundational element, ensuring the integrity and longevity of our decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN).

Soarchain: A Layer 1 Network & A DePIN:

As a Layer 1 blockchain specifically tailored for the mobility sector, our goal here is to lay down the infrastructure for the future of mobility services. It stands as a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network, focusing on creating a seamless and integrated experience where every mobility service and data exchange occurs in a trustless, efficient, and user-centric manner.

The Importance of Staking:

Staking on Soarchain transcends the typical rewards mechanism; it is about solidifying the network's resilience and securing a decentralized future. Each staking action fortifies the network's security, enhances its efficiency, and decentralizes power, ensuring that Soarchain remains robust and reliable for all users and developers.

Latest App Update: Staking Made Simple:

We understand that the power of staking should be in everyone's hands. That's why we've integrated staking functionality directly into the Motus Connect & Drive app. 

We've streamlined staking on the Motus Connect & Drive app to make it accessible and straightforward. Here's what you need to know:

  • Wallet Overview: Your balance now shows both staked and non-staked MOTUS tokens. Manage your funds and initiate transfers with ease under the Transfers tab.

  • Staking Dashboard: View and claim your pending staking rewards directly. See your total staked amount and easily navigate to the list of active validators to adjust your stakes.

  • Active Validators List & Details: Explore validators and view detailed profiles, including their total stake and commission rates. Choose the best fit for your staking needs.

  • Staking Action: Stake with your chosen validator directly through the app. Easily complete your delegation process using your phone, anywhere and at any time.

The new staking feature integrates seamlessly into your app experience, offering a quick and secure way to earn rewards and contribute to Soarchain's network health.

Beyond Drive to Earn: A Comprehensive Mobility Ecosystem:

Soarchain is not just a platform for earning while you drive; it's a comprehensive ecosystem for all things mobility. Whether it's accessing decentralized applications (dApps), sharing or consuming vehicle data, or participating in the network as validators or developers, Soarchain provides an infrastructure that empowers every stakeholder in the mobility value chain.

Future Developments:

Our commitment to innovation and community empowerment continues. We are constantly enhancing our platform, including our Data Marketplace, staking mechanisms, and overall user experience. Staking is just one milestone; we are continually evolving to provide more tools and features that make decentralized mobility accessible, profitable, and secure for everyone.


Staking on Soarchain signifies our commitment to security, efficiency, and community engagement. By participating in staking, you join us in shaping the future of mobility, making the network more robust and paving the way for a world where mobility is decentralized, efficient, and equitable.

Please download the latest version of the Motus Connect & Drive app, start staking, and be a part of the movement redefining the world of mobility.

Engage with staking, download the app, connect with the community.




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