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Deployed the data Provisioning Request on the Testnet

We're excited to announce the successful deployment of the Data Provisioning Request feature on our Testnet – a major milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance data transmission within our network.

This functionality has been crafted to facilitate secure, contract-based data exchange between data generators and data consumers. This feature ensures seamless and also highly secure flow of information. By implementing and testing this feature on the Testnet, we've fine-tuned its functionality and performance, leaving no stone unturned to ensure its reliability before it's rolled out on our main network. Overall, our goal is to continuously enhance trust and accountability in our data exchange ecosystem.

The introduction of contract-based data transmission through the Data Provisioning Request reinforces the integrity of our data handling procedures. This enables data providers and consumers to establish clear and binding agreements, thus guaranteeing that data is shared in a controlled and entirely transparent manner. With this feature, our users will enjoy greater control over their data, fostering a robust and secure data ecosystem that adheres to the highest standards of data protection and privacy. As we continue to fine-tune and test this innovative system on the Testnet, we anticipate its full-scale implementation will set new standards for security and efficiency.

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BiLaL ibanoğlu
BiLaL ibanoğlu
Dec 09, 2023

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