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Decentralized connected cars!

Yesterday’s mechanical vehicles are replacing themselves with software based smart devices which can perceive millions of data in seconds. The data aspect is becoming one of the most valuable features in the mobility space like in many other industries.

As cars become more sensor-oriented, the data they generate is increasing rapidly. In order to best utilize this data, we need a secure way to store and share it. Soar Robotics is using the latest technologies to tackle this problem and shape the future of smart mobility.

One technology that we use is cellular Vehicle-to-Everything. C-V2X offers a direct and fast data transfer between cars, pedestrians, infrastructure and network. This low-latency data then can be used to create in-vehicle safety and emergency, service and autonomy applications. But today’s approach on c-V2X partially solves the connectivity problem since the fragmented ecosystem of car manufacturers slows down the implementation and scaling of these systems.

To solve this problem, we need a decentralized and secure network where any vehicle can be integrated to it including the already existing ones. We propose Soarchain, a decentralized network where vehicles share vehicle data to each other through cellular V2X technology and record these transactions to the blockchain network.

The blockchain technology ensures that the vehicle data is shared securely and without the control of a third party. This new way of sharing vehicle data unlocks a decentralized application ecosystem to its users while also rewarding them with Soarchain native tokens for transmitting and receiving data.

We offer a simple way to connect to this network and start mining cryptocurrency with Soarchain miner, MOTUS. MOTUS is the plug-and-play hardware which connects your already existing vehicle to the Soarchain.


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